Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dr. Dolittle?

A couple cows on the side of the road
I've started to make friends with the animals here... not in a weird or unstable way that suggests I have no one to talk to other than animals. I promise you do not need to be worried about my mental health or anything like that. There are so many animals around here though, and most of them aren't as afraid of people as they should be so it's easy to make friends with them.

The streets are lined with goats, sheep, cows, and even horses that farmers allowed to roam around town and graze all day. There is also an abundance of cats and dogs that roam the neighborhoods and streets. As I've fallen into a routine here I noticed that I see a lot of the same animals everyday and have started to keep tabs on them.

Aren't they cute!
The first of my animals friends are a couple of dogs that I pass on my way to and from the bus everyday. There is a mother dog and two puppies... well there used to be two puppies. A couple weeks ago I stopped seeing one of the puppies and am a little worried about my friend. The other puppy is super cute though and the mother is very protective.

There is also a family of cats that live in a shop near school. I've been meaning to get a picture of the kittens because they are absolutely adorable and I know my sister would love them to bits, but I haven't caught them in a kodak moment yet. There of course is a mom cat and about four kittens.

He almost looks like Scooter
Then there are two cats that like to hang out around my home. At first they were driving me crazy because they meowed so loudly! They remind me of my own two cats, Scooter and Whiskers... anyway they seem to spend a lot of time outside my window. I think that I startle them a lot, because whenever I look out the window they freeze and just stare at me. Imagine the face of a child getting caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar, now picture that face on a cat. That is how these two look at me.

Last but I'm sure not least are the birds at the cafe I go to. There are a number of birds that hang around the coffee shop hoping for scraps and leftovers to pick over. These birds are exceptionally brave. They sit on my table and gradually hop forward, testing how close they can get before I wave them away. I'm just as curious about how close the will get before getting scared and flying away of their own accord, so you can imagine they get pretty close. The other day one was almost in my coffee mug before I had Hitchcock flashbacks and shooed it away.