Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

I just got a confirmation email about my placement in St. Lucia from my supervisor! This is such a huge relief and a marker that I will actually be going abroad in about 5 weeks!! I finally get to make some concrete plans and share information with family and friends.

So, here is what I know:

I will be placed at the Monchy Primary School in the Gros Islet Village, Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia and my principal is named Mrs. Jane Jacob Jean. I will most likely be placed in a 6th grade classroom based on my secondary certification and the fact that my current placement is in a WI High School.

This is a photo of Monchy Primary School where I will likely be teaching
Lucky for me the email from Sr. Marie Therese also described my host family! This is what she had to say about where I will be staying...

"I am happy to inform you that I have found accommodation for your student in the greater Gros Islet area which is in the north of the Island.  The student will benefit from the close and easy access to the main commercial areas, public transportation system to and from school of walking distance from the house.  She will be staying with a retired woman in a three bedroom house with full amenities.  Attached to this house is a small apartment which houses two female students who are in their early thirties.  I have every reason to believe that your student will be comfortable and have the flexibility to attend to her school business with ease."

I am over the moon to finally be placed and have confirmation!

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  1. So awesome!! I trust that you will be bringing your camera with, right? If you can swing it, maybe send the kids a post card or two. :) Danny is reading this as I type it, but I shall not embarrass him at this time. :)