Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And the Planning Begins...

I've started my first foray into purchasing plane tickets. The reality that I will be flying, on my own, to another country in 4 weeks is starting to set in. I'm beyond excited, but also really nervous.

I'm coming to the realization that being in St. Lucia on my own isn't worrying me as much as flying and navigating an airport alone... So if anyone has any tips or tricks about traveling independently please share them with me!! I would love to hear any advice!

Also, I have to choose between American Airlines and Delta for flights so if any of you out in the interweb have an opinion on those airlines I could be swayed either way at this point.

Hopefully I'll have a longer, more conclusive post soon, but first I've got some decisions to make!

P.S. - I realize this isn't the most exciting/interesting post, but I'm trying to get in the habit of updating this blog so that when I do have interesting stories to share I'm comfortable with the site, and I'm in the habit of writing them down. 


  1. I just so happen to be a travelin' man as of late. Airports are my friend - not really. Advice for you to take or leave as you wish. Go with Delta, American Airlines is going through some financial problems and will be laying off a bunch of employees in the near future. This means, angry employees. Angry employees usually mean poor customer service. There is nothing worse than being 35000 feet above the ground and having to deal with a flight attendants bad attitude. Know what I mean?

    I recommend getting to the airport at least two, and since you are flying international, four hours. I'm serious. Now O'Hare is better than some of the airports I have been to, but they are not the best and the checkpoint takes a long time. If you have a book, or Kindle, bring that with you to pass the time - you will thank me later.:) Wear shoes that can be removed easily, like flip flops, crocs, sandals, etc. You have to take them off before you pass through security. Also take everything out of your pockets, even paper, as that will get you an extra pat down by security. You might get one anyway, but why add to your chances. Most flights allow you a carry on and a personal item. The personal item is basically a backpack sized piece of luggage. I only carry on a personal item, since airlines nowadays are charging for carry-ons as well(very rude!) If you can choose your seat I would go with an aisle seat, a little more leg room - just watch out for those angry attendants that don't care if you foot is in their way. Personally, I prefer the window, so I can lean up against the side, and check out the ants on the ground. :)

    Once through security, I usually find an outrageously overpriced shop and buy me a couple bottles of water, for the plane, and depending on how long of a wait I have maybe a drink and a snack for the wait.

    Wow, I've rambled a bit.... Feel free to drop me a line via Facebook or my email; mylhibug@gmail.com if you have any more questions, or need to know where to send the restraining order. :)

  2. I rambled on so much that you have run away in so much fear that you can't bear the thought of making another post... :(