Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Here!

I have finally arrived and settled in St. Lucia! I am already melting from the heat but am definitely enjoying myself.

The view from my front porch
I landed on Saturday and was met at the airport by Sister Marie Therese who drove me around the island and to my host home. Sister has been absolutely fantastic! She invited me to lunch at her home on Sunday after she took me to mass and helped me figure out my phone situation. She has just been a blessing in my adjustment to St. Lucia.

My Bedroom
My host mom is great! She is encouraging me to be as independent as possible, which is awesome.

I had my first day at Monchy today, which went really well. The staff and students were so welcoming and friendly. By then end of the day I had a host of the younger students gathered around me asking questions and anxious to tell me what they learned at school that day.

Tomorrow I have to start taking the bus to school; actually I will be taking two buses. I'm a little nervous about negotiating the system but I'm sure with practice it will be fine.

Grade 5 field trip at the beach!
 On Wednesday I got the opportunity to help chaperone a field trip for grade 5 this week. They are learning about ecosystems so we took a long walk to the beach and observed several different types of ecosystems on our hike.

On the way to the beach with Grade 5
The walk was over an hour each way, but it was beautiful weather and scenery. It was also a great chance to interact with students and get to know them a little bit. Even though this was not the class I will be teaching I loved spending time with the students and building relationships with them.

Several students and staff were concerned about my ability to make the trek and the condition of my skin. I am pleased to report that I made the hike without complaint or any trouble, I have no sunburn, and other than a mosquito bite on my eyelid I am unscathed!

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