Monday, October 8, 2012

Holy. Cow.

So... I leave in 12 days.

This trip is sneaking up on me. I can't believe I have one weekend left in the states. I've been so busy with student teaching in Wisconsin, trying to learn as much as possible and enjoying my time at Wrightstown that I've barely had time to process going to St. Lucia.

Last weekend I got the amazing opportunity to meet with a previous SNC graduate that did her teaching in St. Lucia 4 years ago. It was so nice to just be able to sit and hear her talk about her experiences and all of the things she learned and saw. She had a photo album that she brought to our coffee date and we just looked through it and she told me everything she remembered. She is basically my new favorite person because she let me pick her brain for a couple of hours. The best part though is that on her plane ride home from St. Lucia she made 2 lists in her journal: one of all the things she wished she had brought, and one of all the things she wished she had known. So she is basically my favorite person ever right now.

Although I'm feeling apprehensive about leaving so soon I'm also pretty confident. I find myself preferring this level of preparedness. On one hand I'm freaking out about the technical aspects of getting there and making sure things go smoothly but on the other hand I feel like there is no way I could prepare for what I will experience there anyway. Getting on the plane with no expectations and an open mind is the best thing I can do for myself right now.


  1. So excited to be living vicariously through you - too bad you have to teach as well. :P Seriously though, this is going to be a great trip and you are the perfect person for it at this time - just don't forget your camera!

  2. I picked my nose today and rodrigo ate my booger and rachel laughed histarically! #second hour studyhall

  3. Today rachel cried because Rodrigo was sad since he hasnt seen his friends from brazil for two months now. Josh, instead, cried in the bathroom.

  4. Yesterday we located where rodrigo lives on the map and joshie licked dillan and rachel made a strange face at them because they are silly!